Beautiful! The colors & composition are stunning....I have so many favorites. I enjoyed each & every one. Your site was easy to peruse using the slideshows for each collection. Loved it!
Lloyd Herrington, BS, CSPI(non-registered)
John, thanks for capturing what is probably the most humbling, embarrassing and most memorable moment of my life... let alone all the NACCTs I have attended. The "Night of the 40 Lloyds" is not likely to be forgotten here in Atlanta anytime soon...
Elaine Kang-Yum(non-registered)
Thanks for sharing your beautiful work. You're man with many talent ( mostly non-toxic)
Kevin Ryan(non-registered)
Very nice work John, impressive.
Tony (Nordic) Imp(non-registered)
Good eye, great work, we may be taking more photos -- no snow.
Just beautiful!
Say helllo to Lin.
Fergus and Jo(non-registered)
Hi John and Lin

Lovely - I can smell the mountain air from here.

Fergus and Jo
Cindy Bichler(non-registered)
Love all the photos. Duck photos now framed and going up on gallery wall!
High desert pic came out great on metallic paper and will get extra special frame.
Not running out of wall space yet, so keep up the great work!
Cherry Salmon(non-registered)
Great Eye! Very nice!
Loren Hughes(non-registered)
Hey John,
Beautiful and very interesting photos. You have a great eye. Thanks for letting me see your work.
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